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… you read differently if you do it on the web or on paper? When online, it is unlikely for users to read a text word for word. They usually scroll down the page quickly, focusing their attention on the text that the writer chose to highlight by using bold fonts, spacing or boxes.

… your reading rate is 28-30% slower on the web than on paper? Indeed, screen light is more tiring for your eyes and requires a bigger effort for you to read, and this makes your reading slower and less comfortable.

… there are specific indexes to measure the readability of a text on a quantitative scale? The main ones for the Italian language are two: the Flesch-Vacca Index (i.e. the Italian variant of the Flesch Index) and the Gulpease Index.

When speaking about content writing, I like to use my experience as a journalist to create content from scratch.

Since 2010 I have written over 950 articles about a wide range of topics, both in my name and as a ghostwriter.

I specialize in writing and editing web-oriented content, i.e. texts for landing pages, newsletters, product sheets, blog posts…

Talented content writers try to please two recipients: first the reader, then the search engine.

On one hand, they have to master and understand the language and its ductility, be able to express ideas and concepts in a clear and impactful way and adjust all communications to the tone of voice of the client. On the other hand, they have to love the web environment, follow its developments, and study its shifts to finally understand its demands.

The content writing service I offer encompasses all of the above and the reliability of entrusting your words to a real professional.


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