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1 Professional Translator and Content Creator

Here I am: my name is Alice de Carli Enrico and I work as a translator and content writer.

What inspires me in my work is the love I have nurtured for communication, language and challenges ever since I was a child. Translating and creating content are all about these three things: they require linguistic sensitivity, they create a connection between different cultures and they constantly challenge you.

2 language pairs

I translate from French and English into Italian, my native tongue

3 fields of expertise

  • Translation of Patents
  • Translation of Legal and EU documents
  • Translation of Websites

Over 5,500,000 words translated

Over 5,500,000 words translated: this is my experience in numbers. I began translating as a professional in 2010 and I have never stopped since then

Over 850 articles, and much more...

Since 2010, I have written over 850 articles about a wide range of topics, but also blog posts, landing pages, newsletters and info product sheets


I can help you find what you need.

What my clients say

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